Privacy Policy

Add Link Solutions Sàrl. as an operator of Hinster places great emphasis on protecting your privacy and collects, processes and utilises your personal information only in accordance with this Privacy Policy for Switzerland and the requirements of the Swiss Data Protection Act (DSG).



  •  Add Link Solutions Sàrl., Chambésy, Switzerland, is operating a digital service under the name of “Hinster”, in the form of the Hinster app as well as and, for managing digital data.
  • In order for Add Link Solutions Sàrl. to provide you with the services offered through Hinster, you must provide Add Link Solutions Sàrl. with certain data. This Privacy Policy governs how Add Link Solutions Sàrl. deals with this information.
  • By registering with Hinster you agree to this Privacy Policy and allow Add Link Solutions Sàrl. to process your data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  • Add Link Solutions Sàrl. uses your personal data only in order to provide the services agreed upon, in accordance with your consent. You can request information and, if necessary, ask for correction or deletion of personal data at any time.


This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data that is collected or processed in context of the use of Hinster or your usage and business relationship with Add Link Solutions Sàrl.. The General Terms and Conditions of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. apply additionally. By registering with Hinster you expressly agree with this Privacy Policy and give the consent provided herein.

This Privacy Policy applies in the version valid at the time of your registration. As long as you use Hinster, you agree to this Privacy Policy. You can view the current version of this Privacy Policy at any time in the Hinster app or online

Add Link Solutions Sàrl. may modify or amend these GTCs at any time. Upon any modification or amendment of these GTCs, you shall be notified about these modifications or amendments via app, in writing, by email, or in any other suitable manner. If you should not agree to the changes, you may terminate your user or business agreement with Add Link Solutions Sàrl. at any time, free of charge. Should you continue your use of Hinster after such changes to the GTCs have come into effect, these will be considered agreed to and binding.


Personal data means all data concerning personal or factual circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes, for example, inventory data such as name, e-mail address or telephone number.
You hereby give Add Link Solutions Sàrl. confirmation that you are entitled to have access to the data you disclose to Add Link Solutions Sàrl.. If this data is not your personal information (for example, data from a third party), you confirm that you have all necessary consent of the persons concerned to allow Add Link Solutions Sàrl. to process such data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


Generally, all personal data resulting from the use of Hinster or otherwise within the terms of use and trading relationship with Add Link Solutions Sàrl., incl. the broker’s authorisation agreement, is collected. This includes in particular:

  • All data that you enter in Hinster (e.g. via the Hinster app or the Hinster website), or otherwise communicate to Add Link Solutions Sàrl. (e.g. via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail etc.) and data which Add Link Solutions Sàrl. makes accessible to you (e.g. insurance quotes or offers intended for you, your insurance policies, etc);
  • Personal data, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, payment method details, etc.;
  • Data that Hinster obtains or receives from third parties (such as insurers);
  • Automatically transmitted or obtained usage data, unless actively suppressed on your part in your device settings, such as the date and time of use, your IP address, device and browser identification, the operating system used on your device, previously accessed sites, location etc.;
  • Data concerning your interactions in Hinster, such as mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, selections made, buttons enabled, etc.;
  • Correspondence and communication between you and Add Link Solutions Sàrl., such as messages in the app, email, phone calls, etc. (see. para. 5).
  • For the sake of clarity it is noted that the collected data may also be particularly sensitive personal data (such as data relating to health) and / or personality profiles.


Add Link Solutions Sàrl. processes and utilises the collected data for the following purposes:

  • In order to provide the benefits and services offered on or through Add Link Solutions Sàrl. or Hinster and to respond to your requests and inquiries;
  • For statistical purposes (concerning, for example, in which way Hinster is used);
  • For improvement and development of the benefits and services offered through Hinster;
  • To improve an develop the benefits and services offered by Add Link Solutions Sàrl., 
  • For technical support (e.g. service requests) as well as the maintenance of customer relationships (e.g. newsletters, advertising, etc.);
  • For technical purposes, like ensuring the safety and availability of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. systems and data and the technical resources used for Hinster;
  • For discovery, abatement and prevention of abuse and fraud;
  • For possible corporate transactions that concern Add Link Solutions Sàrl. and may affect user data;
  • To process and reply to, or comply with legitimate governmental requests or arrangements, as well as in connection with the enforcement of claims or other litigation concerning Add Link Solutions Sàrl. or in which it is involved;
  • For possible further purposes, provided that these are a result of legal obligations, where it is apparent that they arise from the circumstances of data collection, or are to be displayed during the collection of data.
  • The collected data can be interlinked and used to create user profiles.


Add Link Solutions Sàrl. uses the data collected strictly for its own purposes and only discloses personal data to third parties in the following cases:

  • Add Link Solutions Sàrl. may disclose data to third parties for their own purposes, if you so choose and/or instruct Add Link Solutions Sàrl. accordingly (e.g. to obtain offers from insurance companies to conclude a contract, etc.).
  • Add Link Solutions Sàrl. may disclose personal data to third parties for their own purposes, if this is necessary for providing the services requested by you or if Add Link Solutions Sàrl. has expressly informed you of such disclosure.
  • Add Link Solutions Sàrl. may call upon third parties that process personal data on behalf of and for the purposes of Add Link Solutions Sàrl..
  • Add Link Solutions Sàrl. can disclose anonymous data to third parties. Such data is in such a form, which, to the best knowledge of Add Link Solutions Sàrl., does not allow such third parties to draw conclusions about the identity of the persons concerned.
  • In exceptional cases (such as abuse, emergencies, etc.) a disclosure of personal data to third parties may also take place for other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, or legally prescribed or permitted purposes.
  • Third parties, to whom personal data has been disclosed or passed on to, may also be located abroad and especially in countries where, compared to the Swiss Data Protection Act, no adequate data protection is in place. In this case, Add Link Solutions Sàrl. ensures in an appropriate manner that such third parties only process the personal data within a permissible restricted framework.

When calling upon third party services via Hinster (e.g. by clicking on a link) you leave the sphere of influence of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. Add Link Solutions Sàrl. accepts no responsibility or liability for the services of third parties and cannot control their handling of data. In this case please consult the data protection regulations of the respective third party.


Cookies are a common technique with which an identifier is assigned to your browser, which is stored and communicated upon request. You can delete, restrict or block cookies by enabling the appropriate settings in your browser, which may, however, make the use of Hinster impossible or restricted under certain circumstances. If you accept cookies, you agree to Add Link Solutions Sàrl. using cookies.


When processing data obtained by Add Link Solutions Sàrl., Add Link Solutions Sàrl. takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorized access to and processing of the obtained data.

You acknowledge that data transferred via the Internet or e-mail is, generally, accessible to anyone (see para. 5.2).


Add Link Solutions Sàrl. can send you newsletters or other promotional communication relating to the offers of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. to your email address, (mobile) telephone number or other electronic address registered with Hinster.
By registering for Hinster you consent to such distributions. You may reject such newsletters or promotional communications at any time and free of charge. You can find the address and contact details of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. in the imprint.

All communication through Hinster generally takes place electronically (e.g. by messages in the app, email, etc.). You hereby agree and acknowledge that this form of communication is equal to the written form pursuant to OR 12 within the scope of using Hinster.

You acknowledge that data transferred via the Internet or e-mail is, generally, accessible to anyone. Add Link Solutions Sàrl. cannot guarantee the confidentiality of such data. Data may be lost during transmission, or changed or accessed by unauthorised third parties.

You hereby grant Add Link Solutions Sàrl. permission to record and store your activities. If you do not agree, please notify Add Link Solutions Sàrl.. The address and contact information is In this case, however, Add Link Solutions Sàrl. will no longer be able to provide the services offered to you through Hinster.


You can request information about your personal data processed by Add Link Solutions Sàrl. at any time. If necessary, you can ask Add Link Solutions Sàrl. to correct, block or delete any of this data. In case of deletion, the legal storage and archiving requirements are reserved.

Please send your request with clear identification of your person to or Add Link Solutions Sàrl, 12 chemin du Lin, 1292 Chambésy.


Add Link Solutions Sàrl. preserves your personal data after the termination of the user and business agreement only within the scope of Add Link Solutions Sàrl’s legal storage and archiving obligations. Any further obligation to preserve and / or archive your personal data does not exist and you expressly acknowledge that Add Link Solutions Sàrl. can delete all your personal data that goes beyond the statutory storage and archiving obligations of Add Link Solutions Sàrl. or regarding which the appropriate storage and archiving term has expired.